Springboard Corner: November 2023

Nov 8, 2023


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The Springboard Corner is your go-to source for the latest updates on the remarkable journey of life science and hi-tech startups that have participated in Connect’s Springboard program. We are thrilled to share the most recent milestones achieved by these extraordinary Springboard companies. So, stick around, and let’s dive into the inspiring stories of innovation and progress!

November 23 Springboard

Avacen Medical – which has developed a drug-free, non-invasive, and FDA-cleared pain management device, the company recently raised $286K through a crowdfunding campaign. (Highlighted February 2023)

Concert Health – a leading behavioral healthcare company which integrates its services with primary care physicians, recently announced a collaboration with Mass General Brigham, an integrated academic health care system.This collaboration will expand Concert Health’s services to more than 400 primary care providers and their patients in the state of Massachusetts. In addition, the company’s co-founder, Virna Little, was recently recognized with the Collaborative Care Model Award at the 2023 CFHA (Collaborative Family Healthcare Association) Conference. (Highlighted May 2022)

Gryphon – which has developed the first all-in-one Internet router that includes parental control features and is powered by machine learning, the company recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign and raised $651.2K in the process. (Highlighted May 2023)

Innovega – a leader in developing the next generation of patented contact lenses and eyewear technology for the visually impaired, the company recently raised a later-stage VC round in the amount of $350K. (Highlighted November 2022)

MD Revolution – a leader in developing online healthcare platforms for remote patient care management, the company recently announced an integration agreement with HybridChart, which has developed a cloud-based platform for hospital rounding and charge capture. Integrating the two platforms allows physician practices and other healthcare systems to better streamline remote care services for patients. (Highlighted September 2023)

MyoGene Bio – an early-stage biotech company developing gene editing therapies to treat muscle diseases, CEO and Co-Founder Courtney Young, was recently recognized as one of the 2023 Life Science Catalyst Award winners by Biocom. These annual awards recognize life science innovators under the age of 40 who are impacting human health through their contributions. Congratulations Courtney!(Highlighted October 2023)

Vizer – founded in 2017, the company has built an incentivized tracking app which merges daily exercise and wellness with impactful rewards. Users track their daily activity goals and once reached, a partner brand donates a meal to a food bank on their behalf. Well over three million meals have been donated to date. The company recently raised a $2.3M Seed round.

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