Springboard Corner: April 2024

Apr 3, 2024


Welcome To The Springboard Corner

Welcome to the Springboard Corner, your go-to spot for the latest achievements in the life sciences and high-tech startups sphere. Here, we shine a light on the trailblazers and innovators who’ve journeyed through Connect’s Springboard Program. Dive in to discover the groundbreaking milestones of the companies at the forefront of shaping our future.

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Carlsmed – a medical device company which combines a patented device with patient-specific data to develop personalized spine surgery care for optimal outcomes. The company recently announced the successful closing of a $52.5M Series C funding round which will be used to further expand commercialization of their aprevo® platform as well advance their technology to include other spinal surgery procedures. (Highlighted February 2024)

Greenspace Labs – a biotech company which uses an evidence based approach to develop therapies from non-psychoactive cannabinoids for various medical conditions, the company recently announced a partnership with Ocean State Controlled Botanicals LLC dba Hangar 420. With this collaboration the two companies will jointly develop, manufacture, and market cannabinoid formulations for several indications. Furthermore, the two companies will create a new entity, TetraRX, to commercialize the new formulations and products. (Highlighted May 2023)

Gryphon – which has developed the first all-in-one Internet router that includes parental control features and is powered by machine learning, the company has shipped over 80,000 units to over 50,000 families worldwide. They recently announced a new partnership with global telecom giant Nokia. As one of only a few partners invited to Nokia’s new Corteca Developer Platform, Gryphon’s advanced security applications will now be available to home broadband providers worldwide. (Highlighted November 2023)

2024 Cool Company Badge

And drum roll please… Here’s an early congratulations to the following companies which we have worked with via our Springboard program and which are part of this year’s 2024 Cool Companies.

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Amptron Medical – has developed the next generation of fully integrated respiratory therapy devices

Palm Therapeutics – is developing anti-cancer drugs using proprietary palmitoylation technology

Papillon Therapeutics – is developing gene therapy treatments for neurological conditions

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