Springboard Corner: February 2024

Feb 7, 2024


Welcome To The Springboard Corner

Happy 2024! Welcome back to the Springboard Corner where we highlight recent milestones of life science and hi-tech startups which we have worked with through Connect’s Springboard program.

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The big announcement last month was the news of Inhibrx being acquired by pharma giant Sanofi for a total sum of $2.2B. A clinical stage biotech company developing cancer and rare disease therapeutics, Inhibrx last year was granted Fast Track Designation for its drug candidate, INBRX-101, the main drug of interest by Sanofi. Inhibrx has a pipeline of several other clinical drug candidates; these, together with its corporate infrastructure, will be spun out into a new company, Inhibrx Biosciences, Inc. Congratulations to the entire Inhibrx team! (Highlighted October 2023)

Carlsmed – a medical device company, combines a patented medical device with patient- specific data to develop personalized spine surgery care for optimal outcomes. They recently announced clinical results of a landmark study using their aprevo® technology which showed substantial patient improvement compared to those using only traditional spine surgery. This compelling outcome underlines the importance of personalized surgery for improved patient care. (Highlighted October 2023)

Concert Health – integrates its behavioral health services with primary care physicians to deliver integrated healthcare solutions. They recently announced a partnership with Southern New England Healthcare (SoNE HEALTH), a collaboration which will combine the two organizations’ behavioral health approaches to better serve patients with the necessary mental health treatments they need. (Highlighted November 2023)

DermTech – a global leader in precision medicine diagnostics for early detection of skin cancers using their non-invasive DermTech Melanoma Test (DMT), the company recently concluded a study which evaluated the use of DMT on various skin types. The positive results showed that DMT provided a highly reliable assessment to rule out melanoma for all skin types. (Highlighted August 2023)

NeuraLace Medical – has developed a non-invasive and non-addictive pain reduction medical device – Axon® Therapy – which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2021. They have now received a second FDA clearance for the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) with their Axon Therapy mPNS (magnetic peripheral nerve stimulation) technology. This is the first non-invasive device ever approved by the FDA to treat PDN using mPNS and represents a major step forward for patients afflicted with chronic diabetic neuropathy. (Highlighted March 2023)

ThinkingNod Life Science – founded in 2017, the company has developed a computing platform which utilizes AI and computational biology to create the first digital human cell clones. ThinkingNode recently announced a strategic partnership with Debiopharm, a privately-held Swiss biopharmaceutical company. Joining efforts the two companies are using their respective expertise to develop and advance cancer therapies.

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