Springboard Corner: March 2023

Mar 8, 2023

Marching Towards Spring

Greetings and welcome back to the Springboard Corner, where we showcase and spotlight the latest achievements from life science and hi-tech startups that have been part of Connect’s Springboard program.

Springboard Corner

Company Updates & Milestones

Discover Echo – Founded in 2013, and acquired by the BICO Group in 2021, they are a leader in developing innovative microscopes for biological research. They were the first to create hybrid automated microscopes, which could easily convert between an upright and an inverted configuration. A winner of numerous awards, they recently announced the launch of their new confocal microscope.

Fabric8Labs – An innovator of a novel non-thermal process to 3D metal printing, they recently closed their $50M Series B round. They plan to use these funds to construct a pilot facility to test out their Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM) technology at a larger production scale. (Highlighted February 2022)

GroupSolver – A premier market research technology company which has developed an intelligent AI powered platform to develop innovative survey tools, recently raised a $2.82M round. The current round follows on a $2.5M round raised in June 2022. (Highlighted June 2022)

Nascent Biotech – A clinical stage biopharma company focussed on developing monoclonal antibody treatment for brain cancer, they recently announced the completion of their Phase-1 clinical trials. This is for their lead candidate, Pritumumab, which received orphan drug designation in 2015 by the FDA. Completing Phase-1 clinical trials is a major milestone. Next step for the company is for Phase-II consideration by the FDA. (Highlighted February 2023)

Thank you for reading along and stay tuned for more great news from Connect’s Springboard Companies!

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