Welcome to CONNECT 3.0 – The Digital Edition

Aug 28, 2015

Let me be the first to welcome you to our new digital home – the brand new connect.org! CONNECT 3.0 is all about you, the San Diego innovation community. We’ve flipped the focus from what we’re doing internally at CONNECT to what you’re doing and how we can support that. It was that focus – on the entrepreneurs and executives – and plenty of frank discussions with many of you in the San Diego innovation economy that led us to the three pillars of what we need to provide: access to people, capital, and technology.

We took that vision to the incredible team at MJD Interactive and they helped us craft a website that’s not a poster, but a place – a place to celebrate the stories of great innovators in San Diego, the stalwarts to the emerging entrepreneurs; a place to engage with other entrepreneurs and CONNECT happenings; and a place where you feel welcome, plugged in, and supported.

Look Out For…

There are a few new aspects of the site I’m really excited to share with you because I hope you’ll all find them really useful and hopefully, as time goes on, essential:

  • Our new blog: we envision this as a resource. We’re going to work with the best of the best to provide actionable advice and information related to creating and scaling your business. On a regular basis you’ll find great and fun columns on everything from design and UX to PR to manufacturing and sourcing to legal and accounting (yes, even accounting can be fun!). The depth of our incredible strategic advisor network will help us bring you the best of the best. Plus you’ll hear about policy topics and innovation economy news. It’s a one-stop shop!
  • Streamlined events info and new events registration platform: The design of our new events page allows you to visually understand what the event is about or sort events based on what you want to see. PLUS we’ve partnered with eTouches, an amazing events platform designed by event professionals, to make registering for and attending our events a breeze.
  • Phase II: We never stop iterating ourselves, so we’re already planning Phase II improvements with more features and functions to support you in help you grow your business. We’re A number 1 focused on helping San Diego’s innovation leaders create and scale their businesses so creating a digital place to support that is key – we’re on it.

So, Let’s Talk…

The only way we can help more life science and tech companies flourish here in San Diego is by hearing from you – tell us how you’re doing, how we’re doing, what you need, and how we can help. We can only do something about things we’re aware of, so if you’ve got a suggestion, we’re all ears, 24/7. Comment on the blog; chat with us via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; email or call us; and best of all, come by the new office. We’re in the center of San Diego county, in the heart of UTC and we love having visitors – 4790 Eastgate Mall – drop by any time!

I, and the whole CONNECT team, look forward to hearing from you!

Greg McKee