Claremont Creek Ventures is looking for deals in San Diego!

Apr 23, 2013

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What is VentureLink?
SDVG’s VentureLink program connects venture capital firms with local talent and businesses to encourage investments within our region. SDVG will bring active, early-stage investor Claremont Creek to San Diego to look for investment opportunities on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.
Who is Claremont Creek Ventures?
Claremont Creek is the early investor in San Diego’s EcoATM and Genalyte, and their first investment is typically alongside angel investors or in a company’s initial round of venture finance. Their investments are typically Seed and Series A.  Seed deals typically range between $50-400k, and are focused on reducing technical risk – to hit a milestone that is significant.  Series A is typically $1-5M, with at least two firms in the syndicate.  No series B or C deals for this program.
What is Claremont Creek looking for?
Claremont Creek is looking for companies with a strong IT proposition.  Strong computing power should be a core feature.  The firm does NOT invest in consumer internet/media companies or consumer mobile applications.
More specifically, they are also interested the following spaces:
Cleantech/Energy:  Interest is on the demand side of energy markets, and involves applying IT to better management and intelligent decisions about energy consumption, distribution and storage.  Similarly, Claremont Creek looks for IT-driven opportunities in resource efficiency and value reclamation – often involving eliminating inefficiencies or converting waste, discarded or underutilized assets into something of value.  Software business models only.
Digital Healthcare:  Companies that enable better healthcare delivery and better patient outcomes or analysis at dramatically lower prices.  Computing power is typically a key element.  Strong preference for products that can be delivered to market with minimal regulatory approval.
Enterprise Software:  Business to business applications which utilize SaaS architectures and advanced computing power.
Participants in SDVG’s VentureLink program will be screened by a select committee of local VCs, and then selected by Claremont Creek for a one-hour meeting on Tuesday, June 11.
Applications were due May 15, 2013.
Questions?  Email SDVG.

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