VentureLink for Healthcare!

Jan 27, 2015

Know a company in the healthcare space looking for Series A funding?

What is VentureLink?
SDVG’s VentureLink program connects San Diego-area businesses with venture capital firms to encourage investments within our region.  We put 4 or 5 qualified companies in front of a VC for a one hour meeting. To be considered a VentureLink candidate, please read below and apply only if you meet the criteria.
Foundation Medical Partners and Cambia Health Solutions will visit San Diego to meet with VentureLink finalists on Thursday, March 26th, 2015.
Who is Foundation Medical Partners?
Foundation Medical Partners invests in innovation that meets the future needs of providers, payers, employers, and patients. Foundation is focused on technologies and services that enable value-based healthcare and leverage wireless, data and analytics technologies.
Who is Cambia Health Solutions?
Cambia Health Solutions invests in companies that change the way people experience the health care system. Cambia looks to transform health care to be more economically sustainable and people focused.
Investment Criteria: Be Sure You Meet these Criteria Before Applying
Companies should be pursuing Series A funding with Healthcare IT or Healthcare Services.  The investors’ sweet spot is a $2-5M investment, and a syndicate is typical. The company should have already raised seed, and MUST have some market traction.  Ideally, the company is on a minimum $1M annual run rate.
Their search is focused primarily on companies that push healthcare services, whether strengthening the doctor/patient relationship or promoting members being more involved. They love data and analytics, and cause-driven models.
If you meet the criteria above please apply below!
Applications are due Thursday, February 19th, 2015.
Questions?  Email SDVG.
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