Three Ways Cubic Corporation is Initiating Collaboration and Imagination In the Workplace

Mar 17, 2016

Cubic Corporation designs, integrates and operates systems, products and services that increase situational awareness and understanding for customers in the transportation and defense industries. With a presence in nearly 60 countries and over six decades as an industry leader, Cubic has established a global reputation as an innovative and trusted partner for our government and commercial customers  worldwide.

‘Innovation through collaboration’ is a guiding principle of Cubic that recently opened in London. It’s an ideas-in-action lab aimed at improving and advancing urban mobility needs of the future and aims to bring together talent within Cubic, as well as industry partners, academia, and their customers, to cultivate solutions that will improve the quality of life in cities affected by urban growth and, consequently, transportation congestion.

Here are three ways Cubic is initiating collaboration and imagination in the workplace:

  • Inhouse Hackathons

The Cubic Innovation Centre is a hub for in-house hackathons that bring together Cubic developers, engineers and anyone else with the curiosity and drive for problem-solving. The January 2016 hackathon stimulated an output of ideas that was transformative and awe-inspiring for those who wonder, “How can we solve the challenges our customers face today?” It’s amazing what three (nearly) sleepless days and nights, a three-day pizza diet and some stumbling blocks that left a few pulling out their hair can achieve.

  • Involvement in autonomous vehicles project

With a reputation for ground-breaking developments, London was the logical choice for the Innovation Centre. This R&D project is funded by Innovate UK Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and awarded to Immense Simulations and Improbable – two startups in the UK working in the Innovation Centre. Cubic is providing support on the project, giving partners access to their facilities and complementary projects in the Innovation Centre. Cubic will benefit from early involvement in autonomous vehicles – an important emerging transportation technology.

  • Anticipating the future

The future of transportation infrastructure hinges on the effective application of technology, services and practical solutions for mobility issues and customer experience. It comes down to anticipating the future, and inventing solutions that – in collaboration with Cubic’s partners and customers – will improve transportation services and reduce costs for more customers.

We’re proud to have Cubic as a CONNECT Member company; they are making such amazing strides in their field and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!