The Path Forward from Biocom

Dec 29, 2020

Biocom has just released The Path Forward 2.0, the Return to Work Guide for California’s Life Sciences industry. The community has come together to provide comprehensive best practices for the workplace, current vaccinations and up-to-date CDC guidelines.

Access the Guide and Checklist from Biocom >>

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As lockdowns are lifted around the country, businesses, across all sectors, are reopening.  Corporate leaders are being forced to take action without ever having experienced this kind of event previously, and often without a plan in hand or in mind.

On April 14, I agreed to chair a COVID-19 Back-to-Work task force for Biocom, the California trade organization supporting the biopharma industry.  The biotech industry is more suited than other industries to building plans to re-enter the workplace.  We are naturally rule followers when it comes to safety in laboratory and manufacturing facilities.  We are accustomed to being guided by principles of environmental health and safety and SOPs, standard operating procedures, that are the operating rules of our trade.

After the healthcare industry, whose workers have been on the frontline of this pandemic, the biotech industry is a good candidate to lead the charge back into the workplace.  Most of us were considered “essential” workers, manufacturing drugs and conducting SARS-Cov-2 research, though we also had non-essential workers, those support staff and business people that support the scientists and manufacturing technicians.  Our goal as a task force was to develop a playbook based on best practices for guiding biotech businesses on how to bring their people back into the workplace.  I also felt that our industry’s experience could be used to help others business sectors get back to work as well.

Tim Scott

CEO & Co-founder, TEGA Therapeutics

Tim Scott serves on the Board of Directors for Biocom. He also serves on the Connect Board, and is currently passing the torch as Chair. Get to know Mr. Scott in a recent interview here.