Springboard Startup Spotlight: S&R Sports

Oct 19, 2016

Today on the blog we’re featuring one of our new Springboard graduates, S&R Sports, who developed a precision sports analytics software called “The Grid”. CONNECT’s Springboard Accelerator helps entrepreneurs develop a compelling commercialization strategy and prepare for future growth and funding. The culmination of the program is an invitation for the entrepreneur to make a presentation of their business model to a select group of experts who will provide candid recommendations. S&R Sports presented to their final panel successfully in August of 2016.

Now, more about “The Grid”. The product uses intersecting lasers to capture the bi-directional speed and trajectory data of any sports object traveling through it and aggregates the data into visual reports. The data “The Grid” offers is beneficial to athletes, coaches, and organizations at all levels as it can be used to enhance training, scouting, and product testing. The data and reports are stored on S&R Sports’ proprietary encrypted and secure database called “The Cloud”. This information is available to customers through a software platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world. 


The Grid Hitting Screen                                                                               The Grid Hitting System

The value add for athletes, coaches, scouts, and sport organizations is considerable: 

  • Players, coaches and scouts can quantify the results of training via any mobile or desktop device from anywhere, at any time
  • Teams, training facilities, fan experience locations, entertainment centers and retailers can use and monetize “The GRID” for league play, product testing, and expanding customer interaction and retention.

The S&R Sports team is made up of CEO Stephen Rosen, CMO Norb Seaufert, COO Tony Tse, and Executive VP Larry Goldenthal. Together they have combined their science and sports experience to create a product that analyzes both the ball and the athlete themselves. Throughout their time in the Springboard program, S&R Sports was mentored by Brian Leeper, Jim Chase, and Steve Barrington.

Curious to see how “The Grid” works? Check out these video demonstrations!