Springboard Startup Spotlight: Puptimize

Jan 23, 2017

Ever wish your dog came with an instruction manual? 

Puptimize takes the guesswork out of raising your dog through fun, personalized training activities and easy shopping for expert-recommended products – all in one convenient mobile app.  We all want to be great parents to our dogs, but few of us have the time or money to make that truly happen. Puptimize was created to remove all of that guesswork, making it easy to raise a great dog. Teach your dog the commands, skills, tricks, or games that YOU want to teach and on YOUR schedule. We’ll help you accomplish your training goals through fun personalized activities and convenient product recommendations so you get the most out of each lesson. You decide what lessons you want your dog to learn—we’ll help you teach them. Our team of experts created Puptimize with the knowledge gained from their decades of experience so you can teach your dog in just minutes per day. 

We had the opportunity to ask co-founder of Puptimize, Rob Steinberg a few quick questions about his company and experience with Springboard. 

CONNECT: What’s the best business advice you received from the Springboard program? 

Rob Steinberg: I wouldn’t say that there was one particular piece of advice that was most helpful, but rather, an overarching practice. As founders, it’s very easy to get deeper and deeper inside your own company bubble. Meeting with our mentors helped us get outside of that bubble and look at the business from additional perspectives. That helped us evolve everything from our messaging to the monetization elements.

CONNECT: What’s your favorite business book or website? 

Rob Steinberg: There are a lot of great business books that have helped shaped my thinking throughout the years. As DJ and I left corporate America to start Puptimize, we both read the seemingly required startup book, The Lean Startup. I like to keep up with a blend of useful websites that help me stay on top of current tech trends, business practices, and entrepreneur advice—so I’d list TechCrunch, HBR, and Entreprenuer.com as some of my favorites.

CONNECT: When are you the happiest?

Rob Steinberg: Any startup founder can tell you that the path to success isn’t exactly linear. The important thing is to always make sure that you’re making forward progress. I’m happiest when I feel like we’re moving the business forward and bringing a better solution to the millions of pet parents that are looking for a smarter way to raise their dogs.

If you’re interested in learning more about Puptimize you can check out their website or follow them on social media @Puptimize. The Puptimize mobile app is now available for download on the iOS App Store!