Springboard Startup Spotlight: In Spirit

Jan 30, 2017

Today on the blog we’re featuring one of our new Springboard graduates, In Spirit, an alcohol-technology company developing a unique cocktail system aiming to scale the craft cocktail experience. Their marquee product is In Spirit, the first RTD craft cocktail. They leverage their proprietary packaging technology to manufacture and deliver mixology-based cocktails infusing craft spirits, bitters, and tinctures with small-batch syrups and cold-pressed juices under the In Spirit brand. The spirits are seperated inside the bottle, yet ready to be mixed at the point of consumption, ensuring optimal freshness.  

We sat down with In Spirit co-founder, Lawrence Cisneros, to gain insight about his experience in the Springboard Accelerator program and more about his company. 

CONNECT: What was the best business advice you received from the Springboard Accelerator Program?

Lawrence Cisneros: When creating estimates and financial forecasts, to make sure you’re being realistic, it’s important to back into those numbers with specificity and ask yourself: how many units need to be sold per store per day, and is that something that is feasible?

CONNECT: What’s your favorite business book or website? 

Lawrence Cisneros: Zero to One by Peter Thiel 

CONNECT: When are you the happiest? 

Lawrence Cisneros: When persuing a goal, overcoming adversity, perservering, and succeeding. That moment of success after all that transpired is when I’m happiest. 

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