Springboard Startup Spotlight: Guru

Feb 7, 2017

Guru is the technological bridge between museums and the 21st century audience. Utilizing GPS, wayfinding, augmented reality and beacon technologies, Guru turns the ever-present smartphone into a personal concierge, tour guide, map and interactive tool. We had the pleasure of speaking with Hilary Srole, Guru’s Co-Founder and Project Manager about her experience in the Springboard program. 

CONNECT: What’s the best business advice you received from the Springboard program?

Hilary Srole: ​Some of the best guidance we got from the Springboard program was how to better communicate our brand and what we offer. Experts helped us define our messaging better; allowing us to be more succinct, clear and straightforward. ​
CONNECT: What’s your favorite business book or website?

Hilary Srole: I haven’t found my favorite yet! I tend to look to sites that are Start Up focused. I like researching company culture and creative ways to improve our day-to-day process.

CONNECT: When are you the happiest?​

Hilary Srole: After my morning coffee! But really, when I can combine good food and good company – that’s when you will see me the happiest. 

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