Springboard Startup Spotlight: Fragmob

Mar 28, 2017

Fragmob addresses the significant problem of the vast majority of independent sales representatives having limited/no sales or management experience and lacking proper tools/technology (e.g., CRM, training), which leads to poor results, low morale, and high attrition. Fragmob provides an innovative mobile engagement platform that is specifically designed for the average person, to instigate clear, tailored steps for each sales rep that drive tangible results and improve retention.

Fragmob’s SaaS platform is offered via native mobile apps (iOS/Android) and includes powerful business tools for gamified prospecting, customer enrollment, recruitment, and sales team management. The company’s corporate clients gain useful insights from a robust analytics dashboard with real-time business intelligence. We had the chance to ask Fragmob co-founder Jonathan Shapiro a few quick questions about being an entrepreneur. 

What’s the best business advice you received from the Springboard program?

Jonathan Shapiro: Really understand, articulate, and continue to challenge our ‘Go-To-Market’ strategy. The market continues to evolve and we need to frequently iterate our sales and marketing strategies and processes to successfully achieve our growth goals.

What’s your favorite business book or website?

Jonathan Shapiro: Competition Demystified: A Radically Simplified Approach to Business Strategy by Bruce Greenwald and Judd Kahn. I was lucky enough to have Greenwald as a professor at Columbia Business School and this book is a must read for business strategy across industries.

When are you the happiest?

Jonathan Shapiro: Helping people and companies find more effective and efficient ways to achieve their goals — even happier when they are able to continue to do so without additional help. 

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