September 2018 Springboard Accelerator Graduates

Oct 1, 2018

Springboard is a proven, structured, yet flexible, business accelerator program. The process lasts approximately three to six months allowing you to fine-tune and steadily improve your business while you run it. Following acceptance into the Springboard Program, the process begins with an orientation where you will learn about the program expectations & milestones and meet your mentor team. Looking to join the Springboard program? Apply here!


Cuida Health

Discover more about these recent graduates below!


Jeff Coleman, CEO
BrainLeap Technologies has developed science-based, therapeutic games to improve focus in individuals with autism and ADHD. They are the first company to create gaze-contingent games that demonstrate improvements in autism. The ground-breaking research behind these games was carried out at UC San Diego with funding from NIH and NSF.

Thank you to BrainLeap’s Springboard Mentors:
Steve Halpern
Gary Kashefska
Rick Kreysar
John Reese

Cuida Health

Tom Watlington, CEO
Cuida Health has developed a voice-enabled technology to combat loneliness and isolation as a barrier to aging well in place. Their unique software solution is an entertaining personality called LiSA (Language Interface for Senior Adults). LiSA integrates with voice-driven platforms like the Echo, to create a “virtual” companion, health coach and concierge to help seniors connect with other seniors, support their social and emotional well-being, and monitor and encourage good health habits.

Thank you to Skylift’s Springboard Mentors:
David Gell
Eoin Gill
Ashley Hanson
Razvan Neagu
James Stewart
Devang Thakkar