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To better understand some of the technology that has been pursued in the past, and continues to be of interest across the Navy, it’s important to look at some of the previous SBIR awards.

Scroll through each of the below tables to better understand the SBIR/STTR comunity. You can filter the tables by keywords in each field, including abstracts, companies, year awarded, etc. For a more complete list, please visit

The table on the right contains all SBIR/STTR awards made by the Navy that have their main place of business is in CA.

The data listed is from 2017 and on.

Did you know?

The DoN leads in SBIR Phase III execution, accounting for 55% of DoD SBIR Phase III Funding between FY14-FY18.

All Navy Phase II Awardees in CA.

Why are Phase IIs important?

The ultimate goal of the SBIR/STTR program is to get the technology developed under it to transition, either into tools or services that benefit the Fleet, or for it to commercialize. After Phase II, if sucessful, a company would ideally secure non-SBIR funding to enhance ongoing projects with expanded research, development, test, or evaluation to accelerate transition and commercialization (known as a Phase III: Transition). Therefore, it is important to get to know sucessful candidates who can share in on their Phase II success, but for such candidates to also continue to look for opportunities to use or revive the efforts already accomplished (e.g. Reachback, Sequential, Second Phase II).

All Navy SBIR Awards from the past 5 years.


No matter where in the US, you can apply to any SBIR/STTR proposals as long as you meet the elegibility criteria.

This table shows all Navy awards, regardless of State.

More than the Navy

A total of eleven agencies participate in SBIR and five participate in STTR.  Each agency administers its own individual program within guidelines established by Congress.

All 2021 SBIR/STTR Awards across all agencies


Take a look to see if any of the other agencies apart from the Navy are interested in your technology!

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Get information on opportunities to interact with government agencies.

FY21 Schedule

Broad Agency Announcements

Program Pre-Release Opens Closes
DoD SBIR 21.1
Dec 8, 2020 Jan 14, 2021 March 4, 2021
DoD SBIR 21.2
April 21, 2021 May 19, 2021 June 17, 2021
DoD SBIR 21.3
Aug 25, 2021 Sept 23, 2021 Oct 22, 2021

Official DoD SBIR BAA site:

Previous Navy SBIR/STTR solicitations/BAAs are available at

Resources – official website for the DON SBIR/STTR programs. This website includes information on BAAs, topics, selections, program specifics, contact information, and more. – This website is the contextual search site for all DON SBIR/STTR awards.

DoD SBIR/STTR Programs – The official website for the DoD SBIR/STTR programs. Includes information and links to current and past BAAs as well as other DoD or Federal SBIR/STTR websites. – Official DoD SBIR/STTR proposal submission portal. – The official page with links to all BAAs and topics; including program-wide policy information.

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