Purewick – CONNECT Springboard Company

Mar 10, 2016

PureWick empowers women with safe and simple incontinence management in hospitals, in nursing facilities and at home while avoiding catheters and specialized nurses. Skin, diapers and bedding are kept dry as a non-invasive wick comfortably moves urine away from the body. PureWick lowers costs while increasing safety and comfort.


  • Works outside of the body
  • Is easily applied and easily removed
  • Does not require specialized training
  • Does not require lifting or moving patients
  • Does not cause infections
  • Patients hydrate with confidence
  • Simplifies sampling for urinalysis
  • Is compatible with hospital wall-vac systems, or with a portable PureWick pump

We sat down with PureWick president Camille Netwon to gain insight about her daily life and her company.

CONNECT: If you were to tell one person “Thank You” for helping me become the person I am today, who would it be and what did they do?

Camille Newton: The single biggest influence came from my dad who managed to support a family with four kids on a forest ranger’s income.  He was a rock.  He never yelled or over reacted but provided quiet strength and guidance.  He taught me a love for nature. He also knew that I wanted to go in to medicine, so helped me to get over being squeamish at a young age.  I remember in the 2nd grade he had me putting a needle into our Bassett Hound puppy’s ear every day to drain a hematoma, and in the 3rd grade he taught me how to clean a fish and how to cut up a chicken for dinner.  He raised us to be frugal, to have strong work ethics and to think we could accomplish anything.

CONNECT: What’s one lesson you learned in the “school of hard knocks” (or “the hard way”)

Newton: It is unfortunately too easy to be distracted by individuals who want a piece of the pie but don’t have the time or discipline to dish it out. Keep the management team minimal, but with the experience, energy and willingness to get the job done on a shoe string budget. If they are enthusiastic about the venture, they will focus on the finish line. Compensate your team for performance according to milestones.

CONNECT: Why are you building THIS company (why this topic, why are you inspired)?

Newton: I am a home visiting physician.  While performing house calls, I saw women soaking in wet diapers, getting pressure sores and rashes, family and caregivers struggling to change them.  I saw women essentially tied to their beds by their bladders with Foley catheters, losing their ability to control urine and becoming Foley dependent, and getting repeated urinary tract infections.  Men can sit on the edge of their bed and use a urinal without having to stand up or transfer, or they can use a condom catheter.  Women had only diapers and catheters to choose from.  I knew there had to be a better way.  That is why we have developed the PureWick system. PureWick is external to the body, comfortable, it is essentially not felt by the user, it can be easily put in place and easily removed.  In over 1800 nights of patient use, we have found that it does not cause pressure sores or rashes or urinary tract infections.  Women do not have to sit in a puddle of their own urine.  It keeps women in hospital beds and wheelchairs clean, happy and dry.  It restores dignity.  Bringing this life changing PureWick system to women across America, across the globe – has become our mission.

CONNECT: What characteristic do you most admire in others?

Newton: I admire the ability to tell someone when you are upset with them or give someone constructive criticism and have the conflict end up with both parties feeling like the relationship is stronger.

CONNECT: How do you think your coworkers see you?

Newton: I’m always calling everyone on the team to check on progress or relay information or incentivize. I send out emails summarizing our successes and agenda every few days.  They may think I am communicating too much – but I think it helps keep things moving.

CONNECT: What’s your favorite business book or website?

Newton: I subscribe to Success magazine and love their motivational CDs.  I also try to go to as many Connect educational events as I can fit into my schedule.