Past MIP Winner Feature: Water Pigeon

Jul 18, 2017

As we at CONNECT are getting excited about Most Innovative Product Awards 2017, we decided to catch up with some of our past MIP winners to talk about their MIP experience and where they are today. We will be featuring these conversations on the CONNECT blog.

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Water Pigeon is a 2016 MIP winner. Water Pigeon came up with a way to enable automatic readings of water meters that doesn’t require a water utility to replace all of its existing water meters or to build a private wireless network to collect data. Traditional AMI systems require a smart meter, a radio transmission unit and a wireless network to operate. The majority of water systems in the U.S. do not even have smart meters.Water Pigeon simply delivers AMI functionality through a creative, alternative approach. 

We caught up with Water Pigeon to talk about startups, MIP, and the importance of mentors. 

Why did you apply to MIP?

We were following the previous MIP companies and observed the recognition and outreach they have received in the startup community. We believe that a reputable organization like CONNECT and a prestigious event like MIP would provide us with the same recognition and marketing value. 

What was your favorite part about the MIP event?

The night of the awards is definitely the best part. The event planning is very professional and the attending crowd is very diverse and interested. Additionally the selection process was valuable as we got great feedback from very valuable mentors. 

What is one accomplishment/success you have had since you received the award?

We have used the MIP Award in all our marketing pieces and put the award forward as we talk to our potential clients. Since the award, we have completed a pilot study with 4 local utilities and moving on to a demonstration study with a total of 6 utilities in September. 

Thanks to Water Pigeon and congratulations on your success!