Past MIP Winner Feature: Nextivity

Aug 2, 2017

As we at CONNECT are getting excited about Most Innovative Product Awards 2017, we decided to catch up with some of our past MIP winners to talk about their MIP experience and where they are today. We will be featuring these conversations on the CONNECT blog.

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When Nextivity was founded in 2006, there was no “intelligent” processor for the indoor wireless coverage market that could meet the stringent requirements underpinning the team’s vision for a new generation of signal boosters. As a result, Nextivity developed its own family of baseband processors to power its flagship multi-core Cel-Fi® Smart Signal Booster®. Nextivity’s proprietary, proven, and custom-designed third-generation signal processor is the driving force behind its Cel-Fi PRO and Cel-Fi DUO all-digital Smart Signal Boosters designed for use on 3G, 4G and LTE (including VoLTE) networks.

We caught up with Nextivity CEO Werner Sievers to talk past companies and current successes. 

Why did you apply to MIP?

We have always been a keen supporter of MIP. Not only are we a two-time award winner in a Nextivity context, my previous company, Zyray Wireless, also received this award. I have also been on the judging panel multiple times, and have had the opportunity to present at the MIP Awards Board luncheon on what motivates us, and how winning the MIP Award has added value to our company. 

What was your favorite part about the MIP event?

Judging is a highly inspiring part of this event, and presenting as an award candidate goes a long way in inspiring the team. The awards dinner is always a highlight—it’s great to be able to have members of our team attend because usually the whole team doesn’t get exposure at these types of events. It’s also very rewarding to mix with the CEOs and marketing teams from other companies. 

What is one accomplishment/success you have had since you received the award?

Soon after we won this award at Zyray Wireless, our company was acquired by Broadcomm. After winning the award twice at Nextivity, we found that our recruiting efforts were more effective. The awards also provide material that we can share on our social channels, creating spikes in engagement with our stakeholders. 

Thanks to Nexitivity and congratulations on your success!