Online Art Auction

Jun 3, 2022

Welcome to Connect’s Online Art Auction!  These two beautiful paintings were made DURING our Five·Ten·Thirty event which gathered over 3,000 people at Petco Park this past April. Padres Community and Cosmic Science are unframed pieces of work that were inspired by the event.

Art is an important part of our innovation economy. We were able to make Art a prominent part of the event and want to continue that tradition in the future. With your bid, 80% of the proceeds will go directly to the local San Diego artist. You can learn more about them below. The other 20% will assist Connect to provide more ART at our future events.

Help support individual artists AND our entire creative ecosystem. Best of luck to all our bidders!

Image from iOS 1

“Padres Community”

Painted by Hue Love

Image from iOS

“Cosmic Science”

Painted by Jose Venegas

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