November 2017 Springboard Graduates

Dec 7, 2017

Springboard is a proven, structured, yet flexible, business accelerator program. The process lasts approximately three to six months allowing you to fine-tune and steadily improve your business while you run it. Following acceptance into the Springboard Program, the process begins with an orientation where you will learn about the program expectations & milestones and meet your mentor team. Looking to join the Springboard program? Apply here!

This month we are pleased to have two graduates from the Springboard program. Get to know them below! 

D&P Bioinnovations

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Founder & CEO: Derek Dashti
About D&P Bioinnovations: D&P Bioinnovations is developing an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to functionally regenerate a damaged esophagus within the body. Addressing an annual $10 billion U.S. market, their device will treat those suffering from advanced Barrett’s Esophagus (chronic regurgitation of stomach acid), esophageal cancer, and in pediatrics where birth defects of the esophagus and poisonous ingestions are fatal. Their product improves the standard of care by avoiding surgical reconstruction from the stomach (gastric pull up) and saves over $240,000 per treatment as compared to the standard.
D&P Bioinnovation Mentors: Derek Vaughn, Sharad Mishra, Mary Gardner, Gene Hischkoff, Jim Callaway, and Jon Fessler 


O'Interface, Inc.

Founder: Raj Oswal 
About O’Interface: Most conference app solutions are broad-based, not industry specific. O’Interface is trying to re-define the conference App market by offering a platform more focused and relevant to the life science and academic community for driving user engagement and collecting rich data analytics. The platform will offer continuity of use, before, after, and during an event, specifically designed for STEM industries.
O’Interface Mentors: Carol Pletcher, Bruce Renne, and Chuck Bohle