Meet The Connect Team: Sofia Ayad

Jun 21, 2024

Get To Know Connect’s Senior Marketing Manager

Ever since I was young I knew I would be involved in business to some degree. I was fortunate enough to have exposure to entrepreneurialism growing up because my father started his own painting company 30 years ago and its still in operation to this day. He moved to the states from Colombia, my mother from Puerto Rico, and the two met salsa dancing in San Diego one fateful night. With his painting experience, her natural marketing skills, and their shared dream to start a family together it was only the beginning.

At the ripe age of 8, I enrolled myself in the Junior Achievement of San Diego afterschool program and worked as the Statefarm Manager at Biztown for the final session. In highschool, I earned the VP of Marketing position in my Business Development course and participated in trade shows and elevator pitches at the state and national levels. By the time I graduated highschool, I had already been a couple of years into my marketing career and decided focus on the momentum.

When COVID affected my position as Director of Media & Graphic Design at a North County telecommunications company, I decided it was time for a new start. I packed up everything I owned into a U-Haul and moved to Salt Lake City to experience fresh snow at the Silicon Slopes. It was at this point I invested in myself and ended up launching Something in Action, LLC.

For years I worked under myself, just like I saw my dad do, and serviced small businesses across the country. From restaurants and yoga shops, to leadership development and aviation news companies, I worked with a diverse batch or organizations. Having been outsourced by a couple of other digital marketing agencies at times, I was able to tackle some exciting projects. I created an online evergreen marketing crash course to be used by some of the US Air Force’s Recruiting Squadrons.

Outside of work, Utah was full of thrilling adventures and some of the most interesting people. I watched my friends B.A.S.E. jump during Turkey Boogie, flew a small plane (with zero experience), went sky diving, mountain biking, and backpacking for the first time, and snowboarded almost every weekend. My partner in crime, Mister Red (pitbull-husky), has joined me in every step of the way on these excursions.

IMG 3890

Running Springs ft. Mister Red

Sofia Photos

Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park

IMG 6443

King’s Peak via Backpacking Trip

As exciting as this journey was, my family ended up needing my support so I moved back down to San Diego and sought out a more stable position. I spent two years working at SDNEDC where I reintegrated myself into the local business ecosystem. I hosted networking events recognizing economic development efforts in the community and launched a county-wide business attraction campaign featured on KPBS.

This takes us to present day.

I was once asked during an interview “if you were working a theater production, what position would you label yourself and why?” to which I answered, Best Supporting Actress. You can count on me finding my way on stage, but I get the most satisfaction from helping others reach their truest potential. I have spent years taking businesses to new heights and loved every second of it (minus the moments I hated it of course). Now, with Connect, I am thrilled to continue supporting the growth of other businesses by building the best damn innovation system in my very own backyard.

Sofia Ayad

Sofia Ayad

Senior Marketing Manager

Sofia aims to increase the visibility of Connect and help amplify the reach of the programs.