Meet The Connect Team: Matt Kroe

Dec 21, 2021

Get To Know Connect’s Capital Programs Manager

My name is Matt Kroe and I’ve been working at Connect for just about four years now. I joined the Connect team in early 2018 during the last semester of my Statistics degree at San Diego State University. I have worked directly or contributed to just about every department and program within Connect since joining the team originally as an intern. My role at Connect has grown into the Capital Programs Manager where I run our Cool Companies program and lead Connect’s capital connection efforts alongside Mike Krenn. As a member of Connect both pre and post the merger in 2019 with SDVG, it has been an incredible ride and I’m excited to see the future growth of the organization!

I love that I’ve been able to use my passion for new and exciting technologies in a way that creates a positive impact for the city and county that we love and call home. As a result of our work and the combined support of numerous local companies and organizations, I’ve witnessed the exponential growth of San Diego’s ability to raise Venture Capital dollars firsthand and I believe that the future of our innovation ecosystem can be even brighter. (Read My Latest Editorial)

In my offtime – You can find me crate digging at local record stores, playing cutthroat games of Settlers of Catan with friends, and seeking out the best of the best sour beers that craft breweries have to offer. During some remote work hours – You’ll also find me enjoying my aforementioned record collection, where I’ve recently catalogued my 350th album. If you’re ever in the market for any new music recommendations, I’m your guy!

Pictured To The Right:
The crown jewel of Matt Kroe’s vinyl record collection.

The Mars Volta – La Realidad De Los Sueños (Vinyl Box Set)

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I grew up in South Orange County and spent most of my pre-SDSU years living in San Clemente. You could find me body surfing T-Street, as well as playing roller hockey and indoor volleyball. I’m an avid supporter of Ducks and Gulls hockey, Angels and Padres baseball, and the New York Football Giants. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me and what we’re working on here at Connect. I appreciate all of you who I’ve met over the years, and everything you’ve done to help me and the startups we support. If I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to doing so soon. Until then, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.
Matt Kroe

Matt Kroe

Capital Programs Manager

Matt Kroe leads the production of the San Diego Innovation Report each year, and reports innovation company fundings and M&As in the region.