Meet The Connect Team: Kylie Hovey

Jun 21, 2023

Get To Know Connect’s Programs Marketing Coordinator

As a member of the Connect team, I am thrilled to be a part of such a collaborative community with a meaningful mission. I was first introduced to San Diego’s life science and innovation ecosystem through an internship with the San Diego Regional EDC, where I worked in the marketing communications team to highlight San Diego as a worthy competitor in the global economy and helped promote the growth of local startups and biotech companies. This experience opened my eyes to the possible career paths I could take within marketing.


2022 EDC Marcomm Team


Surfing my home break in Ventura

I grew up in a suburb north of Los Angeles, where I spent many afternoons playing outside and many summers at the beach or swimming pool. Sports were always a big part of my life; I played competitive softball and basketball for as long as I can remember. In my free time I enjoyed riding bikes and skateboards, exploring with friends, and going on camping trips with my family. I come from a big extended family, and growing up my sister and I spent a lot of time with our cousins. I like to think our family is closer than most, united by a love for Jesus, Dodger baseball, and country music.

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit–I started my first business at the age of ten making Duct Tape wallets and accessories with a few friends. We called it “Sticky Solutions.” The website is still up today, but it’s nothing worth searching for. In high school I maintained many of the same friends I had grown up with, continued playing softball and began expanding my hobbies to surfing and snowboarding. I’ve always loved to learn, excelling in school and exercising my analytical mind. I discovered how much I enjoyed exploring my creative outlets as well, such as drawing, painting, photography, and videography (mostly just editing GoPro footage from the adventures I went on).
Raised in a household of faith, I was accustomed to going to church on Sundays and youth group on Wednesdays, which influenced my decision to go to a Christian college. I knew I wanted to stay in Southern California (the beach could never be too far), and when I found Point Loma Nazarene University, my mind was set. I had always loved visiting cousins in San Diego, and the idea of remaining in America’s Finest City after college certainly appealed to me.


PLNU, my home for four years

I applied to PLNU as a kinesiology major because I was an athlete and enjoyed the sports medicine and anatomy classes I took in high school. Prior to starting college, I had a change of heart and decided to switch to a business administration major to set myself up on a broader path. I was quickly drawn to marketing because of the opportunity for creativity. I declared marketing as my major at the end of my freshman year and sought to gain skills in many different areas surrounding marketing. I took classes in graphic design, computer programming, photography, creativity & innovation, and entrepreneurship.
Seek 3

The Seek Supply Co Team

During the pandemic, I decided to execute an idea that had been festering in my mind for some time–to start my own adventure apparel company. I recruited my now husband and his best friend and together we launched Seek Supply Co in September 2020. We drafted original designs for products, marketed on our website and social media, and sold at farmer’s markets on Point Loma’s campus. It was a great experience developing the skills it takes to run a small business and reaping the benefits of hard work.

During the rest of my time at PLNU, I was involved in different ministries and participated in intramural sports, worked on-campus jobs, and eventually became a student marketing specialist in the Marketing & Creative Services department where I created content and managed PLNU’s social media accounts. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a unique, supportive environment where faculty care about your personal development and facilitate connections that turn into opportunities.

I’m always looking for opportunities to try new things and be creative. I’m passionate about the outdoors and adventure of all kinds–surfing, snowboarding, skating, camping, and hiking are some of my hobbies; although, skydiving is a new favorite. I love concerts, road trips, and trying new restaurants. At the end of college I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Ecuador on a mission trip and spend three weeks in the beautiful country. I plan to do more traveling in the future; in 2023 I got to check Spain and Portugal off the list!

I’m excited to continue diving into San Diego’s innovation ecosystem and growing within my role on the Connect team.

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My newest hobby

Kylie Hovey

Kylie Hovey

Programs Marketing Coordinator

Kylie is responsible for carrying out Connect’s program marketing campaigns and assisting in onsite programmatic event coordination.