May 2018 Springboard Accelerator Graduates

Jun 4, 2018

Springboard is a proven, structured, yet flexible, business accelerator program. The process lasts approximately three to six months allowing you to fine-tune and steadily improve your business while you run it. Following acceptance into the Springboard Program, the process begins with an orientation where you will learn about the program expectations & milestones and meet your mentor team. Looking to join the Springboard program? Apply here!


DTx Pharma
Financial Fitness Group

Discover more about these recent graduates below!

DTx Pharma

CEO: Arthur (Artie) Suckow (Co-Founder/CEO/CSO)

DTx Pharma is developing a new class of oligonucleotide therapeutics, oligos for short, which has the potential to treat many of the chronic debilitating diseases. The biggest challenge has been how to safely and effectively deliver oligonucleotide therapeutics to different organ systems. DTx has developed unique and proprietary platform technology which solves this problem and enables an entirely new class of therapeutics for the treatment of diseases that other therapeutic modalities cannot effectively manage. Based on lipidation, the direct conjugation of long-chain fatty acids, their solution overcomes the challenge of keeping oligos in circulation long enough to enter cells outside of the liver and to get oligos into cells once they are exposed to it.

Thank you to DTx Pharma’s Springboard Mentors:
Mike Allen
Jim Callaway
Onne Ganel
Takashi Kiyoizumi
Dan Vaughn
Ellen Wu


Financial Fitness Group

President: Miguel Vasquez

Financial Fitness Group has developed a financial education platform that aims to provide financial education to employees, and which in turn creates a financially engaged workforce. Their platform has become the industry standard for a financial wellness score, including a massive library of financial education content and a modular blended learning platform to create confident learners.

Thank you to Financial Fitness Group’s Springboard Mentors: 
Steve Barrington
Jeff Mattfolk
Raz Neagu
Sandeep Shah