Connect’s International Springboard Program with Yokohama, Japan

Dec 22, 2022

Connect’s International Springboard Program with Yokohama, Japan

San Diego’s first Sister City is the City of Yokohama, Japan, starting in 1957. Together, over the ensuing 60 years, San Diego and Yokohama have continued to promote and strengthen the friendship and economic development of both regions.
Most recently, Yokohama received designation as a Global Startup City.

Springboard | Connect • Yokohama, Japan

For the past four years, Connect has partnered with the City of Yokohama to collaborate
and build strong relationships between the two region’s life science startup communities.

Throughout the summer months, we have worked with four early-stage health tech + wellness companies.
On January 31st, 2023, we invite you to join us and see them pitch.

This is the fourth year of our partnership with the City of Yokohama. We are proud of the companies we’ve worked with, and excited to see them scale and grow internationally.

Dr. Petra Stegmann

Springboard Program Senior Director, Connect

Meet the Companies

CoreTissue BioEngineering

Founded in 2016, CoreTissue BioEngineering Inc. develops medical devices from decellularized bovine tendon to minimize pain and surgical issues related to Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery. We are currently conducting animal study and will start human study in 2024.



DancingFUN, a classical ballet studio in Yokohama, Japan, provides an instant solution to optimize dancers’ and athletes’ motor abilities and free people from foot pains and discomforts by aligning lengths of foot metatarsals by inserting silicone foot-pads under distal ends of the metatarsals.



An image analysis web application that can standardize formats for all microscopes and process deep learning techniques across instruments. We will anthropomorphize AI and solve future problems. Being able to read all meta information allows for standardization of differences between devices.



LOOVIC is a service that encourages social mobility for people with spatial cognitive impairment to move independently. The service enables hands-free and safe mobility with the feeling that a person is by their side, even when unattended, with a mobility support device service that uses bone conduction in the clavicle.


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Connect elevates entrepreneurs by providing educational programming, mentorship, introductions, and access to capital. Springboard is the startup accelerator program from Connect, and is credited as one of the first founded in the US, in 1985. The program focuses on helping technology and life sciences companies prepare to scale and raise capital. Since 2005, Springboard has helped create over 7,000 jobs in early-stage companies.

Connect is proud to bridge innovation internationally, in effort to promote the economic development of both regions.