I Believe

Dec 14, 2016

Spoken word written by Gill Sotu for the 2016 Most Innovative New Product Awards video

I believe you haven’t seen the best of me yet…
I believe that “limitations” is a 4 letter word and has no place in our heart’s vocabulary/
I believe success is sweat equity and the right connection waiting to happen/
I believe being a true entrepreneur is a habit/
And if you identify as an innovator CONNECT is here to enable it/

I believe life is a science and a painting all rolled into one/
technology informs how we will save the world,
the painting gives us the why/
I believe there are no limits to push,
because if you stick your hand out into the empty part of the earth
you are technically a part of the sky/

This city is the absolute hub of what is possible/
You want people creating tech that matters,
while eating tapas, dressed up like superheroes,
aggressively ambitious about just going with the flow,
yep San Diego..

A community committed to connection and collaboration/
The tip of the spear of saving lives through innovation,
Grit and determination/
We take inspiration from our ocean breaks
Around, under, or above any obstacles in our way …

This work is too important/
Really, this work, our work, is too important …

We are home to modern alchemists manipulating silver dreams into platinum passions/
Take these individual passions, give them the tools and opportunity to walk down the same path towards the world’s betterment,
And you have just begun a MOVEMENT.
You can almost feel the ground shake from the momentum these innovators make. /
This is the definition of TRUE and LASTING change/

Do you wish to be a part of this?
Is there some small section of you that says,
“I can reconstruct the narrative of this world so that the news HAS to report on my positive. “

When you are forced to push through fatigue and failure,
between labored breaths, is your mantra I …BELIEVE?
If this is you, all you have to do is wake up,
take note of your reflection/
Starring back, you do not see too old …
You do not see too young …
In your mind you have installed a fun house mirror
Unable to reflect other people’s negative illusions/
What you DO see is the warm light permeating from the “CHAMPION” section of your spirit’s store/
Smiling, screaming,



I believe we are living in a time where creativity has been unleashed/
And this kinetic creative energy is like clear opal thrown into the waters of our human experience creating ripples,
that turn into waves/

I believe the natural beauty we are blessed to be around is our muse,
A catalyst …
San Diego horizons were made for imagining/
What if we did life without out dis-ease/
What if we could use science to connect people in a way that facilitates inexhaustible empathy?

For every imbalance humans create,
There are other men and women who are put here to counterweight/
And YOU are one of the people born to do it …if you ask me/
But ultimately, It doesn’t matter what I see in you/
The real question is,
Do you believe in you?
Are YOU ready to change the world?

What do you believe? 

2016 CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Awards Intro Video from CONNECT San Diego on Vimeo.

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