Want Unlimited PTO? Things to Consider Before Implementing

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024  |  1:00pm – 2:00pm

​Learn how to rethink your paid time off strategy – does it include an unlimited PTO program – if so, what should you consider before implementing?

Companies are looking at ways to meet or exceed the many state and local paid sick leave laws. The idea of unlimited paid time off (PTO) is still splashing through HR professionals’ minds as an alternative way to beat the many paid sick leave laws and as a way to attract and retain talent. Need to go to Hawaii for five weeks? Yes, go — it’s paid time off! Need the afternoon off to watch your child in a school play? Sure, it’s paid time off! Need a “mental health” day or two (or five)? Why not — it’s paid time off! No questions asked. But before implementing such a program, there are some things to consider. Is it too much of a good thing? Will it improve morale and work-life balance? Is it a true total rewards element that attracts and retains top talent? What about employees who need an extended medical leave of absence? What about your remote workforce? “Unlimited” may not really mean without limits.

Learning objectives:

  1. Why rethink paid time off?
  2. What should you consider before implementing an unlimited paid time off program?
  3. Does it really work for every organization?