Insigniam Presents…

Four Questions

To Chart The Future of Your Organization

Wednesday October 21, 2020
10am – 11:30am

The COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the central challenge that all leaders must face:
how to guide the future of their organizations in uncertain times.

Predicting the future and drafting strategies is not the answer.


Instead, you must empower the people in your organization with a decision-making framework. Doing so enables people to confront the inevitable changes in the market in a consistent and potent manner.   

In this workshop, You’ll Learn…

In this Frameworks session Greg Trueblood will review the four fundamental questions all leaders must ask themselves if they are to equip their organizations for success in the future, and work with attendees to wade through ambiguity and uncertainty to gain clarity where none currently exist. 

Working with attendees to wade through ambiguity and uncertainty, to gain clarity.

Meet the Speaker

Greg Trueblood

Greg Trueblood is a consultant with Insigniam. He specializes in designing and coaching large-scale transformations in complex organizations, and is an authority on organizational performance. He leads front-line teams and leadership councils to embed breakthrough performance, transform corporate culture, and build innovation ecosystems. His work includes helping speed product launches and formulating product strategy, securing millions of dollars in additional value for his clients.

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