Four Fin Creative Presents…

Building a Strong Brand

Not as Daunting as You Think

Tuesday October 6, 2020
10am – 11am

What does it mean to build a brand?

Should you hire a firm?  A small or large agency?  Can you do it in house?

What brand building activities are more valuable than others?

In this workshop, You’ll Learn…

to look at your business from a different angle,
and focus on what really matters when it comes to building a strong brand.

You can’t ignore the power that brand has in creating a successful company,
but it’s hard to know where to start or how much to put into it.

Join us for the upcoming Frameworks workshop, Building a Strong Brand.

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Four Fin is a no-nonsense team of strategists and designers that believes a good brand is at the center of a good business. As an independent, female-led branding studio in Southern California, Four Fin helps progress-driven companies elevate their identity and make waves.

Meet the Presenters

Jen Derks

Jen is an award-winning designer turned brand strategist and the founder of Four Fin. She’s a champion of ego-free collaboration and nimble design practices with over fifteen years in the industry. Jen now leads a team of brand strategists and designers who specialize in concentrated, open-door branding projects and long term creative partnerships.

Hillery Kemp

Hillery hails from the big agency world and has had the opportunity to work on branding programs for Yelp, FedEx, and Taco Bell. With ten years of experience and a heart for stories and human connection, Hillery investigates, digests and distills brand identities to a point of memorable cohesion between company differentiation and audience insights.