December 2017 Springboard Graduates

Jan 29, 2018

Springboard is a proven, structured, yet flexible, business accelerator program. The process lasts approximately three to six months allowing you to fine-tune and steadily improve your business while you run it. Following acceptance into the Springboard Program, the process begins with an orientation where you will learn about the program expectations & milestones and meet your mentor team. Looking to join the Springboard program? Apply here!

Congratulations to our December 2017 graduate: SciStart. Get to know SciStart below!

Founder & CEO: Elmar Nurmemmedov

About SciStart: In the new science age, scientists are facing tremendous challenges. Some of these challenges are growing competitive environment, emphasis on translational research, and diverging interests between academia and industry. In recent years, academia has shrunk by 40%, thus forcing the growing population of scientists to seek translational careers and transition to industry. This trend will continue, thus making it even harder for scientists to find translational relevance and effectively grow their careers. SciStart is building an interactive platform that enables scientists to enhance their career options by showcasing their publications, as well as linking them to innovations. This new ecosystem enables scientists to identify their impact areas, find their translational relevance and connect them with industry. In other words, SciStart is helping bring scientists and their research to new heights. 

Thank you to SciStart’s Springboard Mentors: 

Chuck Bohle
Dave Kramer
Razvan Neagu
Gideon Rubin
Steve Sheiner