Cool Company Spotlight: CommSafe AI

Oct 11, 2022

Welcome To The Cool Companies Spotlight: CommSafe AI

The Class of 2022 Cool Companies is absolutely stellar and we are excited to share them with you. This spotlight series provides the opportunity to learn more about each company from their founders, CEO’s, or Presidents. We will provide you a glimpse into the incredible innovation and talent being cultivated in San Diego.

The ninth spotlight in the series is dedicated to CommSafe AI.

CommSafe AI

CommSafe AI analyzes workplace communications 24/7, identifies toxic communication, and flags appropriate personnel in your organization before issues escalate into physical and psychological harm, reputational damage, and lawsuits. Protect your most valuable assets – your people and IP

Why is your company the best solution to the problem you’re solving?

“CommSafe AI solutions are powered by actual AI; CommSafe AI combines the measurement of communication sentiment and tone with keyword and key-phrase search capability for an automated and autonomous solution. CommSafe AI is also the only solution of it’s kind with e-discovery capability, and a technology partnership with ServiceNow.”

Dr. Ty Smith

Founder & CEO, CommSafe AI


What inspired you to want to start this company?

I’m a protector of people.


What is the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?

The emotional rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship.


Where would we find you in San Diego?

East Village and Coronado!


What's the best entrepreneurial advice you've received?

No matter what, keep going…


Who do you consider a role model?

Black women (my mother and aunts in particular) – I feel like they have it harder than anyone on the planet.


What's your favorite local coffee shop?

Trident Coffee (CEO & Founder – Eric Johnson)

Here at Connect our mission is to help San Diego’s incredible startup companies grow and succeed. We hope you enjoyed reading The Cool Company Spotlight. Stay tuned for more upcoming spotlights!