Cool Companies July Spotlight

Jul 20, 2023

Featuring Nutromics, WowYow and Algenesis

The Class of 2023 Cool Companies is paving the way for the future of innovation. We want to share and celebrate the incredible advancements being made right here in San Diego. Let’s take a deeper look at a few companies from this year’s cohort.



Nutromics is an Australian-born diagnostics company developing a continuous diagnostic monitoring platform that is leveraged using DNA-based sensors. With a vision to create a world with zero preventable deaths, Nutromics is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by providing clinicians with continuous, real-time diagnostic insights through a lab-on-a-patch.

Founded in 2017, the company has raised US $27M to date, including investment from Dexcom Ventures, and is currently undertaking its first-in-human clinical studies.

Nutromics plans to open its Series A round later in 2023.

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When they met, Nutromics co-founders Peter Vranes and Hitesh Mehta had both experienced the limitations of a reactive healthcare system. Tired of the status quo, they decided that something had to change, so they took on the herculean task of revolutionizing healthcare.

Everyone at Nutromics is connected through the same purpose: saving lives.

If you’re interested in partnership or funding, reach out at: 

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WowYow AI is a Southern California-based company that has developed and deployed innovative technologies to address digital media, film, and entertainment needs around content analysis, generation, and monetization. Using its patented Computer Vision AI, the company can generate valuable metadata quickly and cost-effectively, powering its contextual advertising and markerless motion capture solutions.

As the deployment of AI within digital media, film, and television continues to revolutionize the industry, WowYow is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and continue to drive innovation in the space.

WowYow’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible applied AI solutions.

Connect Summer Social wowyow ai

WowYow at Connect's 2023 Summer Social

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WowYow’s CEO and founder, Adam Boskovich, was inspired by a straightforward yet profound question – why couldn’t he interact with or shop what was inside a video? Being a software engineer by trade, Adam realized that answering this question required a scalable solution. He leveraged Computer Vision, AI, and Metadata indexing to develop a shoppable and interactive video solution, which he showcased as the minimum viable product.

Since 2016, the company has addressed the content monetization needs of digital media companies by delivering billions of contextually relevant ads.

Algenesis Corporation
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Algenesis at Connect's 2023 Summer Social

Algenesis is a material science and technology company on a mission to help the planet recover from the pollution caused by products made from fossil fuels. Company scientists redesigned plastic materials to harmonize with nature. Its patented Soleic™ technology is the world’s first high performance, renewable, and fully biodegradable polyurethane made from plants.

The company makes 100% biodegradable sneakers that are super comfortable and very durable – check out Blueview Footwear.

CEO and Founder Stephen Mayfield was inspired by seeing firsthand the amount of plastic pollution covering every corner of the planet, especially beautiful islands and beaches that should never have any trash on them.

Algenesis closed a $1.3M round in May.

At Connect, our mission is to help San Diego’s incredible startup companies grow and succeed. Stay tuned for more upcoming spotlights!