Cool Companies November Spotlight

Nov 6, 2023

Featuring ShipCalm, Yolia Health, and GroundWorx®

The Class of 2023 Cool Companies is paving the way for the future of innovation. We want to share and celebrate the incredible advancements being made right here in San Diego. Let’s take a deeper look at a few companies from this year’s cohort.


ShipCalm is an e-Commerce fulfillment and third-party logistics provider headquartered in Carlsbad. Founded in 2017, ShipCalm provides a number of logistics services aimed at helping online businesses solve their shipping problems. ShipCalm provides solutions for e-Commerce business owners with Amazon FBA prep, reverse logistics, kitting, packing and assembly, as well as e-Commerce shipping and warehousing.

As the world-leading 3PO, ShipCalm provides complete operational solutions to digitally native brands. Its third-party operations platform streamlines traditional operations with data and powerful AI.



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Greg Moser, Founder & CEO

With advanced analytics, ShipCalm matches the digital world to the physical world so that companies can automate inventory operations and scale warehousing and supply-chain effortlessly, allowing them to spend more time growing the business.

As an e-Commerce entrepreneur for over 20 years, CEO and Founder Greg Moser was inspired to create a platform to help other e-Commerce entrepreneurs grow their companies and plans to continue this passion for the next 20 years.

ShipCalm exhibited at Innovation Day 2023 shortly after raising a $2M financing round.




Yolia Health is a bio-medical device company committed to helping people restore and enhance vision through non-invasive forms of treatments.

Finding a safer, personalized treatment for vision problems like myopia and presbyopia has often been described as the last frontier of eye care. Inspired by the research of the late Dr. Alberto Osio Sancho, MD, the motivation within the company is to improve the quality of vision with safe and personalized treatments.

Yolia’s products are based on their proprietary True Vision Treatment (TVT) technology, enabling safe and easy remolding of the cornea. Used to treat people who suffer from presbyopia, TVT is self-administered by the patient in his or her own home. It employs a combination of customized TVT contact lenses and specially formulated TVT eye drops – which, when used together, leads to superior vision.

TVT is not limited to presbyopia treatment. Yolia has successfully treated myopia as well and expects to be able to release a treatment option for myopia and post-refractive patients to the market.

It is estimated that 1 in 3 Americans have a refractive vision problem which is only increasing by a dependency on technology. Yolia’s True Vision Treatments will alleviate the need for people to wear any form of vision corrective lenses, be they glasses or contacts. The company’s innovations will have an enormous social benefit.

TVT is approved in Mexico and is currently seeking FDA approval.



Alberto Osio 2

Alberto Osio, CEO


GroundWorx® – Where AI meets Conservation™ – GroundWorx® is a wireless innovations and water conservation company that has developed a complete soil management platform (GX-1 Platform®), along with state-of-the-art sensors. They help Turf Managers and Growers proactively manage their resources, be good stewards of the environment, develop beautiful golf courses, sports fields, and commercial properties, and get maximum yield from agricultural crops.

GroundWorx® is applying wireless technology, cloud computing, machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI to conserve water on golf courses, commercial properties, sports fields, and agricultural grows. The company’s hardware solution and holistic approach is unlike any other product in the market.

GroundWorx® It's Raining Data™
Brad David

Brad David, Founder & CEO

 “I have always loved golf and wireless technology, having spent most of my career working in wireless and trying to perfect my golf game every chance I had. I then experienced a real-life situation where older technologies and techniques to monitor soil conditions were being used with disastrous results. I said to myself, ‘there must be a better way’.

Throughout this 8+ year journey, I have encountered some amazing people that have helped in small and big ways. Some have become employees, some investors, and others, customers. I have never met a greater group of people, and this has made all the difference.”

– Brad David, Founder & CEO


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