CONNECT Announces Winners of 2016 Most Innovative New Product Awards

Dec 1, 2016


SAN DIEGO (December 1, 2016) – Today CONNECT, a premier innovation company accelerator in San Diego that creates and scales great companies in the technology and life sciences sectors, announced the winners of its 29th annual Most Innovative New Product Awards. The prestigious competition, which begins in each year in the spring and culminates in the awards ceremony in December, is an annual signature event at CONNECT that recognizes and lauds groundbreaking products released within the last 18 months from San Diego-based innovation companies.

The 2016 Most Innovative Product Award winners faced a rigorous judging process before being selected from a pool of more than 111 nominations across ten categories: Bluetech, Cleantech, Sustainability, and Energy, Defense, Transportation and Cybersecurity, Information Communications Technology, Life Science Diagnostics and Research Tools, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Drugs and Biologic Therapies, Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles, Software, Digital Media and Mobile Apps, and Sport and Active Lifestyle Technologies. From the nominations, the panel selected thirty finalists. 

2016 CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Awards Intro Video from CONNECT San Diego on Vimeo.

Listed below, in their respective categories, are the ten 2016 Most Innovative New Product Award winners:


Water PigeonWater Pigeon is a fast, simple, secure automated water metering infrastructure (AMI), alternative solution to the existing AMI for water. Traditional AMI systems require a smart meter, a radio transmission unit and a wireless network to operate. Water Pigeon simply delivers AMI functionality through a creative, alternative approach

Cleantech, Sustainability, and Energy:

Camston Wrather LLC’s Recycled CommoditiesRecovers precious metals and polymers from e-waste using green technology that produces no hazardous waste or byproducts as a result of operations. By uniquely positioning itself within the resource-to-recovery commodity supply chain, Camston provides practical “green” solutions to local recycling economies that collect and recycle waste from electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE)

Defense, Transportation, and Cybersecurity:     

Cubic Corporation’s GATR Inflatable Satellite AntennaGATR is the only provider of inflatable satellite communication (SATCOM) antenna solutions. GATR’s ultra-portable inflatable antenna technology enables comparable performance to rigid deployable antennas of similar size, but with up to 85 percent reduction in the logistical size/weight of those systems.


Information Communications Technologies: 

Aira Develops remote assistive technology that connects the blind with a network of certified agents via wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard that allows agents to see what the blind person sees in real time, allowing them to assist with a variety of daily tasks and activities.

Life Science Diagnostics and Research Tools:

Echo Laboratories Inc.’s Revolve The Revolve is a new hybrid microscope that easily transforms between upright and inverted configurations, merging the capabilities of two instruments into one.

Medical Devices:

Onciomed, Inc.’s Gastric Vest SystemThe Gastric Vest System (GVS) is a revolutionary, minimally invasive, laparoscopic, implantable device used to enable weight-loss and stomach preservation. The GVS procedure imitates weight loss like the sleeve gastrectomy but does not involve stapling, cutting or permanently removing up to 80% percent of the stomach.

Pharmaceutical Drugs & Medical Devices:

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s NUPLAZID NUPLAZID (Pimavanserin) is the first and only medicine approved by the FDA for the treatment of hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinson’s disease psychosis.

Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles:

CleverPet, Inc.’s CleverPet HubThe CleverPet Hub is designed to fill a dog’s cognitive needs by using smart hardware to offer pets engagement anytime, automatically, whether their humans are home or not.

Software, Digital Media, and Mobile Apps:

Guru’s San Diego Museum of Art AppThe San Diego Museum of Art App transforms the formerly distracting cell phone into an experience enhancement tool through video, audio, games, augmented reality and digital tours.

Sport & Active Lifestyle Technologies:

Bixpy LLC’s Bixpy JetThe Bixpy Jet is the world’s first and only portable, handheld water propulsion device. The product runs on lithium batteries and is able to attach to anything from a diver’s forearm to the back of a kayak.

2016 Most Innovative New Product Awards – Event Video from CONNECT San Diego on Vimeo.