Congratulations to the CONNECT Companies Named 2017 SDVG Cool Companies

May 31, 2017

In middle school or high school, many of us dreamed of receiving some concrete validation that we were “cool”. Several CONNECT companies will now have the startup equivalent of this after being selected as one of SDVG’s 2017 Cool Companies.

The San Diego Venture Group is a non-profit business organization that fosters relationships and ideas to form, fund and build new ventures. Every year, SDVG allows companies to apply to be one of their choices for Cool Company.  

Here are the CONNECT companies that have been selected this year:   

  1. Abreos Biosciences – Capital Match Company, Springboard Graduate
  2. antsle, Inc. – Springboard Graduate
  3. CourseKey – Capital Match Company, CONNECT ALL Company
  4. Doctible – Springboard Graduate
  5. Fabric8Labs, Inc – Current Springboard Company
  6. Guru – Springboard Graduate, 2016 MIP Winner, Capital Match Company
  7. Measurabl – MIP Finalist 2016
  8. Molecular Assemblies – Springboard Graduate, Capital Match Company
  9. NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc. – Springboard Graduate, MIP Finalist
  10. Qelzal – Springboard Graduate

To read the full list of SDVG Cool Companies click here

Congratulations to all of the 2017 Cool Companies. Great to see innovation startups thriving in San Diego!