Invite-Only Safe Space for Connect Company Founders & Execs

A roundtable discussion for Connect founders and execs.

Enjoy a space where you can problem solve with your peers, mentors, and industry experts, in a low-pressure environment.

Chief Chats are private meetings to hold topic-related discussions, with the goal of answering questions you have and help you overcome obstacles you and your company may face — over a cup of coffee.

Discussion Topics

Customer Acquisition/Sales: Are you looking to increase sales and your customer base but at a roadblock? Exchange ideas with colleagues to work through your company’s sales standstill.

Channel Development & Licensing: Discuss methodologies to increase sales, reduce CAC, reduce churn and grow your customer channel. Exchange ideas with colleagues to work through your sales challenges.

Recruiting in a Pandemic Best Practices: How and when to expand your team.  From entry-level to senior positions, discuss the best hiring practices while operating in a virtual world. (This session is open to your Talent Acquisition leader in your stead). 

Pivoting Your Business: Has your original business idea or audience pivoted during COVID-19? Join in to discuss the pros, cons and all that’s in between on pivoting your business.  Short-term and long-term.

Maximizing Operations in a Virtual Environment: This is a strange time. Many of the world’s best companies were started in strange times.  Work has changed.  What are companies doing to turn challenging times into market leading opportunities. Open to your most appropriate senior team member if they are a better fit for this discussion.

CTO/CSO and Team Execution For you or your CTOs/CSOs.  Operating virtually, recruiting, and offshoring.  How to get the most out of your team now and into the future.