CEO of CONNECT Company “Urban Translations” Wins Award

Sep 20, 2017

Photo of Samantha Urban, CEO of Urban Translations

Samantha Urban, CEO of Urban Translations, was awarded the prestigious “She Innovates” award recently at the Hera Venture Summit

“It’s an honor to win the She Innovates Award from the investment community,” said Samantha Urban. “I’m extremely proud of the innovations we create at Urban Translations, and I know a big part of this award is for giving back to others. That is something I will always find time to do.”

Urban Translations is the leading provider of an in-room digital concierge platform for casinos, resorts, and hotels. By harnessing the power of all types of translations, Urban Translations increases your bottom line and the overall experience for management, staff, and guests. They also donate a portion of all sales to charities and frequently volunteer time to advise other businesses and young engineers. Urban Translations is a CONNECT Springboard graduate and current CONNECT Capital Match company. 

The Hera Venture Summit is a one-day intensive event aimed at equipping and connecting female founders and female funders. 

The purpose of the “She Innovates” award is to recognize a female founder who embodies the collaborative spirit of supporting not only other founders but being a selfless startup advocate and building bridges to investors. The award is for excellence in a multitude of attributes as a startup founder –  passion, going above and beyond to support other founders, working to connect entrepreneurs and investors, and being an all-around genuine contibutor to the innovation ecosystem. 

Congratulations Samantha!