Bixpy – CONNECT Springboard Company

Feb 25, 2016

Bixpy LLC develops a versatile and robust underwater propulsion system that runs on lithium batteries and is able to attach to anything from a diver’s forearm to the back of a kayak or standup paddle board or an ROV.  

As a technology company our goal is to always produce a very high quality product that surpasses existing technology and constantly apply the lessons we learn to produce ever more efficient and more robust systems. 

We sat down with managing director Houman Nikmanesh to learn more about Bixpy, the company’s values and how he recharges:

CONNECT: How do you recharge?  

Houman Nikmanesh: I love mountain biking. A two hour ride always clears my head.

CONNECT: When are you the happiest?

Nikmanesh: When I feel like I have had a productive day.

CONNECT: What’s one lesson you learned in the “school of hard knocks” (or “the hard way”) that you help your fellow entrepreneur avoid?

Nikmanesh: Never make knee jerk decisions under pressure.  As bad as you think your situation is, it can always get worse.  

CONNECT: Why are you building THIS company (why this topic, why are you inspired)?

Nikmanesh: I love building things, specially high-tech gadgets and I love being outdoors.  To me, Bixpy is the best of both worlds.  I get to work on a groundbreaking high-tech gadget that is used in outdoor sports!  

CONNECT: What are three values you’re building your company on?


1. Be passionate about what we do

2. Build the best product we possibly can

3. Be honest to our customers, stakeholders and ourselves.

CONNECT: What characteristic do you most admire in others?

Nikmanesh: Integrity, honesty and perseverance. 

CONNECT: What super power would you like to have?

Nikmanesh: Super healing … like Wolverine, and perhaps Hugh Jackman’s hair.

CONNECT: What would a “perfect” day look like for you?

Nikmanesh: Sunny and 74° and I am in good health.  By the end of most days I can convince myself that things were “perfect” given the circumstances.