Dave's Guide To Raising Money From Angel Investors

Apr 2, 2014

“Do you know any angel investors who would be interested in my company?”
On May 22, 2014, over 300 people gathered to learn about this topic.
angel investor
Dave Titus, SDVG President, shared his 9 rules for raising angel financing.   It’s a talk he has over and over with folks looking to raise money.
Download Dave’s Rules here!
Our speaker lineup included:

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Jeff Draa

Jeff Draa, President, Tech Coast Angels discussed how to approach TCA.  TCA is the second most active angel investing network in the country.

Adam Harris

Adam Harris, CEO, CloudBeds, has raised over $1.5M in angel financing from industry insiders – even though he was not one of them!
Dave Karlman, DePrima Ventures, is an experienced and active angel investor in both high tech and lifescience companies.  Some of his investments include Cashie Commerce and Otologic Pharmaceuticals.

Kian Saneii

Kian Saneii, CEO, Independa, raised his money from a variety of investors in both San Diego and elsewhere.
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