5G: The Next Frontier for Innovation

Dec 7, 2016

Beginning next year, a new type of mobile technology will be deployed in many parts of our country. As with any emerging service, there will be extensive testing, which is likely to last more than a year, before being made available to consumers. The future is becoming clear and it is a game-changer: consumers will soon gain access to mobile networks offering unprecedented broadband speeds and response times.

At the heart of this technological advance is the deployment of the next-generation mobile network called 5G. This new technology operates on a much higher frequency of the radio spectrum than previously believed possible. 5G will provide speeds 10 to 100 times faster than today’s broadband connections. It establishes a low-latency connectivity of less than one thousandth of a second which for the consumer means near-instant interactions.

Experience from the evolution of previous wireless technologies shows that investment in new generations of wireless networks drives growth and delivers unanticipated benefits. 5G network investment will continue this virtuous circle.

5G Technologies InfographicAdvanced wireless technology serves as a critical platform for innovation and is integral for San Diego’s startups and entrepreneurs. For over 30 years, CONNECT has created an environment where entrepreneurs have access to the people, capital, and technology resources they need for success. There is no doubt that 5G has unlimited promise to drive innovation and unlock tremendous economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and their startups.

5G will power cloud computing technology that will enable an astonishing array of devices to work wirelessly: self-driving cars, smart cities, and ordinary objects like refrigerators. This so-called “Internet of Things” also has the potential to disrupt entire industries, including healthcare and entertainment.

Additionally, 5G connectivity will enhance mobile and residential broadband by providing ultra-high speed internet to places currently lacking, widening the consumer market for business owners across the country. These are just a few examples of 5G capabilities and why entrepreneurs believe its buildout must be a U.S. priority.

Federal policies that free up new frontier spectrum and provide flexibility to support deployment of technologies are crucial elements of a vibrant innovation economy. This past July, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened unprecedented amounts of higher-frequency bands for 5G. The new spectrum bands, both licensed and unlicensed, will take advantage of millions of newly deployed “small cells,” which are smaller than cell towers but more robust than Wi-Fi routers and can expand capacity and coverage. The FCC took this action to speed the rollout of faster wireless networks and improve internet connectivity.

In addition to opening new spectrum, the FCC action also offered greater flexibility to operators and innovators, which will help unleash new business models on the internet, in entertainment, for vehicles, industrial services, and more.

CONNECT encourages a climate for innovation and investment in technology-based startups and entrepreneurs who work to generate the jobs of today, as well building the engine for tomorrow’s prosperity. We look forward to using this next-generation of mobile technology and the limitless innovation that can be built around it.

Image Source: GearOpen