2022 Springboard Corner: A Year in Review

Dec 13, 2022



Welcome back to the Springboard Corner, where we highlight and share recent milestones of life science and hi-tech startups which we have worked with through Connect’s Springboard program. As we get ready to wrap up 2022, let’s revisit some of the impressive milestones achieved by Connect’s Springboard companies this year!

Springboard Corner Connect 2022 1
Springboard Corner Connect 2022 2
Springboard Corner Connect 2022 3
Springboard Corner Connect 2022 4
Springboard Corner Connect 2022 5
Springboard 2022 Review Icons 15
Springboard 2022 Review Icons7
Springboard 2022 Review Icons8
Springboard 2022 Review Icons9

San Diego continues to grow and develop as a resilient innovation hub, fueled in large part by the region’s unique culture of collaboration.
And as shown above, Springboard companies are an integral part in this growth. We look forward to what exciting news 2023 will bring!

Cheers to peaceful holidays and wishing everyone much prosperity in the New Year!