Business Loans and Relief Resources

Mar 27, 2020

 Connect is a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) — part of a network of centers designed to help small businesses, and it is partially funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

If your business has been negatively affected by the current COVID-19 Public Health Emergency — the SBA is deploying funds, and an advisor at a local SBDC center can help you apply.

Step 1.

  Signup with the SBDC.  

We are able to help you for free by collecting information periodically about your business. Your information will always be kept private.

Submit your application here, click New Client Signup on the left.


Step 2.

Once you sign up, you will be matched with an SBDC financial advisor who can help navigate the SBA Disaster Loans and other disaster assistance.


Step 3.

Prepare for your appointment.

SBDC Resource Guide

  1. Register for this on demand webinar
  2. Mitigate current cash outflow
    • Contact current creditors to ask for deferral
    • Request to EDD payroll tax deferral
    • Plan for July 15 income tax (federal and state)
    • Contact landlord(s) to delay April 1 rent
  3. Collect your 2019 and prior year financials. This includes profit and loss statements, sales history by month, and completed tax returns.
  4. Collect your 2020 financials to date, by month.

 • • • • • • •

Things are changing weekly.  Getting to know your SBDC advisor and what’s available from the SBA — and letting them get to know you — may be beneficial as we navigate the coming months.



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