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Garage Band Start-Up Companies

Click on a company to learn more about their products or services.

”Garage Band” Set – Active Lifestyle

1. California Fruit Wines
2. Polara Golf
3. ScanBright

”Garage Band” Set – Technology

1. 3Dagogo
2. DineLogik
3. Mobile Learning Networks

”Garage Band” Set – Life Sciences

1. AnaBios
2. Nephosity, Inc.
3. Trefoil Therapeutics

California Fruit Wines
California Fruit Wine Company is an urban winery in San Diego that is pioneering a new alcohol category called fruit wine cocktails. Fruit wine cocktails are made like a wine, because they are fermented from fruit (Pomegranate, Cranberries, Mangos, etc), but they drink like a cocktail, both because of the way they taste and because of the time of day and the occasions that you’d drink them. Their fre•be fruit wine cocktails play perfectly into the appetite of Millennial women who are looking for fun, exciting, crafted alcohol products that unlike craft beer and cider, better fit their image. They have a strategic partner in HPSEpicurean, an importer who has distribution across the country, and will be rolling out their make your own sangria program in the produce aisle at 100 Fresh & Easy stores starting in May. They anticipate owning a respectable portion of the $200B domestic alcohol market.

Polara Golf
Polara Golf, formed in 2009, creates, produces, markets and sells recreational golf equipment that makes golf more fun to play and easier to learn. The Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls correct hooks and slices by up to 75% and the Polara Advantage drivers provide up to 40 yds more distance. Polara Golf balls are so revolutionary that they were featured on the front page of the NY Times. Polara’s products are produced in Taiwan and China and are sold directly to golfers on the internet (, through approximately 700 retail locations in the US and through foreign distributors in Canada, Europe and Korea. Polara has sold directly to more than 50k customers through the Polara Golf website alone and has generated over $4.6M in revenue since 2011. Polara has been granted 32 patents and has 28 active applications. Polara Golf is a virtual company with just 3 fulltime employees who have expertise in sales, product development and business management. The company uses outside contractors to perform many functions including manufacturing, fulfillment, accounting, and advertising. In June 2013 Polara signed world famous golfer John Daly as its first golf Ambassador, representing the Polara golf balls. Polara Golf is the first mover and leader in the growing Recreational Golf Market.

ScanBright is a patent pending Instant Lead Capture platform for use in Networking and Advertising. ScanBright members get a profile page, online contact lists, a QR code and web links. The ScanBright platform creates a two-way exchange of contact information anytime the QR code is scanned, or the web link is clicked. ScanBright simplifies information exchange between People, Companies, Venues, Groups, Events and Charities. For advertisers ScanBright offers Instant Lead Capture. For consumers ScanBright offers the easiest way to sign up for anything. For Trade Shows and Networking events ScanBright competes against expensive and difficult to use Lead Retrieval systems that support only limited use cases. In offline advertising ScanBright offers significant improvements over current QR code platforms. In online advertising ScanBright simplifies the conversion process for capturing leads. ScanBright currently has functionality, interest and momentum, now we need funding to bring this game changing platform to market.

3DaGoGo fuels the 3D printing revolution by removing the need for consumers to be tech savvy when using 3D printers. Consumer level users of 3D printers get 50% failed prints. 3DaGoGo’s ‘Proven to Print’ design marketplace solves this problem by crowdsourcing only vetted designs. Now 3DaGoGo is automating the vetting process with a Print Simulation Platform that automagically detects design flaws and determines the optimal printer settings for each design on a per printer and per material basis. This allows for small designers and major brands alike to distribute 3D printable product lines with the confidence that each customer can successfully print the designs.

DineLogiK is leading the movement toward more intelligent, automated and streamlined online marketing for restaurants with an industry-first technology that allows restaurants to manage all of their essential online marketing tools from a single, powerful yet easy-to-use platform. DineLogiK clients are able to market their restaurants more efficiently with less time and cost while driving more business for increased revenue. DineLogiK now has just under 100 paying accounts and has never had a client leave the service since its launch. The company is currently running pilot programs with three national industry service providers and in discussions with three others. Our highly flexible and modular platform can easily integrate with 3rd-party technologies and serve as a central hub, giving partners increased customer loyalty and increased customer monetization. DineLogiK has raised no outside capital to date and is now opening a Series Seed round to fuel additional growth.

Mobile Learning Networks
Mobile Learning Networks is poised to radically disrupt the tutoring market, converting it from a brick-and-mortar business to an on-line community of students and tutors. MLN revolutionizes the tutor/student dynamic, utilizing a proprietary iPad app connected to a powerful cloud service that provides a one-to-one experience – virtually between a tutor and student. With our App and bench of tutors, we replicate an in-person lesson with a highly immersive environment solving the major scalability problem with tutoring: the time waster of driving to the student’s house or transporting the student to the tutoring center. Parents purchase tutoring sessions from our community of pre-screened tutors, with MLN collecting a percentage of the transaction. Our service is currently in revenue generating Beta testing with a formal launch set for later in Q1 of 2014. The company recently raised $350,000 from private investors and is currently raising an additional $500,000 round.

AnaBios Corporation, has developed a unique and innovative drug discovery platform based entirely on drug candidate profiling in viable human organs and tissues. Having validated the platform with major pharma companies worldwide over the last 4 years, AnaBios is now initiating the development its own in-licensed drug portfolio with an initial focus in the areas of pain, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Following screening and preclinical development to the IND stage at AnaBios, worthy drug candidates will either be sold immediately or further developed to and sold at POC-Clinical phase II. The pharmaceutical industry market value for these types of transactions ranges from $10-50M per compound at IND stage and $150-800M per compound at POC-Clinical Phase II. AnaBios is positioned to capture 2-10% of the $2.6B/year market related to development of a diversified portfolio of drug candidates.

Nephosity, Inc.
Nephosity, Inc. builds Jack Imaging, the platform for collaborative medical imaging, to solve the unavailability of medical imaging records as patients transitions across care providers, from primary care to imaging centers to specialists. Jack Imaging address this problem with its collaborative care and collaborative viewing capabilities. Collaborative care, which centers around the patient’s medical imaging records, includes case management centered around patient episodes, easy sharing between the patient and all of her providers, and secure messaging and videoconferencing capabilities. Collaborative viewing utilizes Nephosity’s FDA cleared diagnostic medical imaging viewer enables patients and physicians to view images together.

Trefoil Therapeuctics
Trefoil Therapeutics is an early stage biotechnology company applying protein engineering to create novel therapeutics. Trefoil’s lead product is a treatment for Fuchs Dystrophy, an orphan ophthalmic condition that is the leading cause of corneal transplantation. This is a fast to human proof of concept program in a market where there is no pharmaceutical treatment and a potential for over $500 million per year revenue. Success in this indication will pave the way to the application of Trefoil’s technology to other diseases with a total market opportunity in excess of $4 billion. Trefoil is seeking early investors to support the IND enabling and initial clinical studies.