Rapid Assessment Program (RAP)

An efficient assessment of a company’s readiness level for coaching to accelerate commercialization and expansion to the U.S.

Program Overview
The Rapid Assessment Program is a new service offered to foreign companies that are beginning to contemplate the U.S market. This program gives an opportunity for those companies to obtain feedback from CEO-level Business Advisors who will gauge the company’s readiness to plan expansion to the U.S.   The purpose of the Rapid Assessment Program’s abbreviated process is to provide foreign companies with first-look feedback from experts in a new major market and region. Companies may be accepted to continue on in the Global Bridge Program if a mutual interest exists upon completion of the Rapid Assessment Program. Global Bridge Program graduates have the opportunity to come full-circle in establishing their company in the San Diego tech sector by participating in the Launch Pad San Diego program.  

Fundamentals of the Program
The program operates remotely for foreign companies and includes:

  • Web or teleconference coaching with a designated Business Advisor
  • Assessment by the Business Advisor to determine readiness to present to a panel of CONNECT Business Advisors
  • Presentation to a panel of CONNECT Business Advisors via web conference call

The Process:
Springboard Business Advisors provide coaching to program participants and help them prepare a presentation highlighting the product uses and features to CONNECT Business Advisors.

Participants receive an assessment from industry experts in San Diego, who can best determine the probability of the company’s success in the region at that point in time.

Fee for service:
The fee for the RAP program is US $ 1,500, payable upon completion of the assessment.

Program Contact:

Ruprecht von Buttlar
Vice President, Business Creation &
Email: rvonbuttlar@connect.org
Phone: (858) 964-1309
Fax: (858) 964-1301 



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