CONNECT is a well-respected leader in shaping public policy on behalf of the region’s innovation economy.  CONNECT gives innovators a voice in the policy arena that is heard at the local, state and federal levels.  We proactively identify legislative issues that affect life science and high tech entrepreneurs, build coalitions to express the impact of policy changes and serve as advocates on legislative policy.

Federal Innovation Policy Priorities

Intellectual Property
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America’s innovators rely on strong intellectual property laws to protect their ideas, inventions and investment.  CONNECT advocates IP policy from the perspective of start-up businesses and creators of emerging technologies.  IP protection is especially critical in the early stages of innovation when investment and business decisions can propel viable ideas to the marketplace.  Because an efficient Patent and Trademark Office is integral to America’s strong IP system, CONNECT advocates full funding for the PTO with open and transparent PTO management processes.

Investment Capital
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America’s innovation edge is fueled by public policies that encourage investment and reward risk.  Start-up businesses and innovative ideas will wither on the vine if they cannot promptly and easily access capital.  CONNECT opposes policies that increase taxes on investment and strongly supports fiscal policies that will draw capital into the “valley of death” that threatens emerging technologies.

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Although government regulation is necessary in an ordered society, the impact on innovation by government regulation should factor heavily in any public policy deliberations.  Federal, state, and local policymakers should incorporate innovation impact considerations during legislative and regulatory processes to ensure that innovation will not be hindered directly or indirectly.  CONNECT also supports aggressive export policies that encourage free trade while opposing policies that unnecessarily limit U.S. competitiveness and access to global markets.

Research Development
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San Diego’s world-class research community has flourished as federal and state funding allows research to be developed and commercialized, sparking innovative companies and well-paying jobs.  CONNECT supports government research funding based on open and fair competitions targeted toward America’s innovation future.  CONNECT also supports fiscal policies that encourage and reward private research and development as a key driver of America’s economy.  Federal research agencies should stay on the cutting edge of best practices and consider how emerging technologies can factor into their funding programs.

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Innovation is driven by creative and entrepreneurial people.  While America’s education system retools itself to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs, the U.S. should ensure that visa policies allow innovation-based communities to attract talent and remain competitive globally.  By developing home-grown talent and recruiting international talent, America can retain its status as the world’s innovation leader.

Innovation Agenda

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