Nearsourcing – Innovate Locally, Grow Globally

CONNECT’s Nearsourcing Initiative aims to bring together the regional innovation start-ups with San Diego’s outsourcing community and to raise awareness about the many resources available here in San Diego. We focus on educating entrepreneurs on the benefits of contracting with local sourcing partners which include a shortened supply chain, accelerated time to market, reduced risk and cost, increased quality and innovation. Read about nearsourcing for success with these case studies.

The Initiative includes a newly-developed series of Nearsourcing Core Curriculum Workshops. This series of six programs assists San Diego product developers and innovation companies in need of outsourcing to Innovate Locally, Grow Globally – to become familiarized with the product development life cycle, what supply chain options are available, to become better informed and know what to consider when navigating sourcing options and partnering with a contract provider. The Initiative also helps market San Diego’s production capabilities and local supply chains and provides opportunities for innovation entrepreneurs to network and innovate. Here you’ll find more details and access to the San Diego outsourcing community through The Connectory and the CONNECT Resource Guide.

The CONNECT Nearsourcing Initiative is led by an Advisory Council of Production Cluster leaders including Solekai Systems, ecoATM, Sharp HealthCare, Clarity Design, D&K Engineering, Leardon Solutions, Althea Technologies, Pharmatek Laboratories, Invetech, BioLaurus, the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, intellectual property experts Sheppard Mullin and Sughrue Mion and the East County Economic Development Council, which owns and operates the Connectory – a database of more than 5,000 local production companies.

In June 2012 CONNECT presented a Commitment to Action to President Clinton’s Global Initiative America Summit. See the 2012 press release here.

As a result of this commitment, CONNECT was invited to participate in the National Supply Chain Network Initiative (NSNI), a new Clinton Global Initiative to Action. Launched at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative America Summit, CONNECT and five other partners are collaborating to strengthen the US supply chain and build the nation’s manufacturing base.

Read the 2013 press release here.



“The CONNECT Nearsourcing process has been extremely valuable to us for this project. We have been able to reach pre-screened and qualified local resources in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort we would have expended otherwise. I am confident we will have a higher quality and lower cost outcome as a result.”

Ronald Pitt

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