Information Dominance

The strength of our nation’s defense capabilities remains the top priority for government. Worldwide advances in technology impact us by orders of magnitude. They accelerate the deployment capabilities of our military but they also heighten security threats on every front.

The San Diego region has traditionally played a critical role in our nation’s national security. CONNECT recognizes the importance of supporting researchers and early stage innovators along with our region’s major defense contractors in order to preserve our nation’s leadership position in defense innovation.

CONNECT’s defense programs are organized in partnership with key regional trade associations, including AFCEA, NDIA, AUVSI, SDMAC and The Security Network. We work to bring together government leaders, researchers, innovations companies and defense contractors in order to advance solutions to operational challenges and 21st century threats in high tech, cyber security, C4ISR, unmanned autonomous robotics, wireless, IT and telemedicine.

“Cyberspace attacks are a pervasive and a growing threat to America’s national security.
It is vitally important that we take fullest advantage of strategic partnership
across industry, the military and our national laboratories. Likewise, the advent
and use of advanced autonomous robotics is helping maintain a critical
technological advantage and creating increased safety margins for America’s
warfighters. As the DoD Center of Excellence for information systems and a
recognized leader in C4ISR technologies, our laboratory is uniquely
positioned to address each of these critical areas of research and development.”

Mark Kohlheim
Vice President
Cubic Defense Applications, Inc.