Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Awards

Hall of Fame honors individuals who have achieved distinction over the years for founding, leading, or advancing a San Diego life sciences or technology based business or organization. Such entrepreneurs have contributed to the business sectors that shape our local economy, improve our quality of life and continue to inspire future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs. Dr. Andrew Viterbi will be our 13th inductee into CONNECT’s Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Past honorees include Irwin Jacobs, Walter Zable, Ivor Royston, William Rastetter, J. Robert Beyster, Neal Blue, Linden Blue, Peter Preuss, Gene Ray, Howard “Ted” Greene, Ron Taylor, Peter Farrell, and Dr. Andrew Viterbi.


“The CONNECT Hall of Fame is a significant honor, as it recognizes
the elite group of individuals who led the transformation of our local economy”

David Hale
Hale BioPharma Ventures LLC.
CONNECT’S Board of Directors
Former president and CEO, Hybritech

Inductees to the CONNECT Entrepreneur Hall of Fame:

Peter C. Farrell

March 19, 2015

Peter C. Farrell

February 19, 2014


Ron Taylor
March 21, 2013


Ted Greene
March 1, 2012


Gene Ray
March 31, 2011


Peter Preuss
April 22, 2010


Neal and Linden Blue

Dr. J. Robert Beyster
March 20, 2008

William H. Rastetter
May 11, 2007

Dr. Ivor Royston
November 8, 2006

Walter J. Zable
February 22, 2006

Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs
May 26, 2005