FrameWorks Workshops

CONNECT FrameWorks workshops are half-day professional development programs structured to provide an overview of business basics through our ‘Fundamentals': a vocabulary, foundation and “framework” in which business leadership can be built around, and our ‘Advanced Workshops': a focused and detailed look at specialized and industry specific topics customized to fit the needs of a start-up company. Ninety percent of attendees rate these programs very good to excellent.

  • Fundamentals
    Each topic will be done twice a year
    Intro to business basics such as entity formation, board of directors/advisors, early stage funding, leasing, IP, marketing & communications, etc.
  • Advanced Workshops
    Each topic will be done once a year
    Focused subjects for start-ups such as patent management, term sheets, mergers & acquisitions, FDA process, etc.


“This was an excellent overview of a great many of the aspects important to starting up and securing funding. I can’t pretend to be an expert in any of this, but I felt the level of explanation was perfect for a beginner in my shoes.”
Christopher Barback
Sonrgy, Inc.

“Being a young co-founder with an engineering background and not a lot of experience, I really found my first CONNECT workshop invaluable to gain insight on some of the very many needs and issues entrepreneurs have to face without necessarily having to experience it firsthand. Long story short: this was fantastic!”